AEM Run modes

Installation run modes are provided out-of-the-box:

These are pairs can't be used together like author cannot be used with publish and samplecontent cannot be used with nosamplecontent





Customized Run Modes

  • author + development

  • publish + test

  • publish + test + golive

  • publish + intranet

  • as required . . .

Defining configuration properties for a run mode

  • config Applicable for all run modes

  • Used for author run mode

  • config.publish Used for publish run mode

  • config.<run-mode> Used for the applicable run mode; for example, config

For installing bundles in specific runmodes


  • install.publish

These folders are of type nt:folder and should contain the appropriate bundle.

Methods for specifying which run mode

  1. file

The file can be used to define the required run mode:

  • Edit the configuration file:


  • Add the following properties; e.g. author:

  1. -r option

A custom run mode can be activated by using the -r option using command line in startup. e.g. for custom dev run mode >>java -jar cq-56-p4545.jar -r dev

  1. system properties (-D)

A system property in the start script can be used to specify the run modes

e.g. launch an instance as a production publish instance located in the US:,prod,us

  1. Filename detection

The following two installation run modes can be activated by renaming the installation jar file before installation:

  • publish

  • Author

Defining the run mode in web.xml (with Application Server)

In Application server in the file: WEB-INF/web.xml

This is in the AEM war file and should be updated before deployment.

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