AEM Instance as Window Service

Updated: May 9, 2020

Run AEM instance as window service, get rid of the hassle to restart AEM dev instance manually.

Installing and Starting Adobe Experience Manager as a Windows Service

1. Open the crx-quickstart\opt\helpers\instsrv.bat file in a text editor.

2. Configuring a 64-bit Windows server, replace all instances of prunsrv with one of the following commands:

  • prunsrv_amd64

  • prunsrv_ia64

This command invokes the appropriate script that starts the Windows service daemon in 64-bit Java instead of 32-bit Java.

3. To prevent the process from forking into more than one process, increase the maximum heap size and the PermGen JVM parameters. Locate the set jvm_options command and set the value as follows:

set jvm_options=-XX:MaxPermSize=256M;-Xmx1792m

4. Open command prompt in directory crx-quickstart/opt/helpers folder enter

>instsrv.bat cq5

5. Verify the service created in start services.msc, start the service and browse the instance url: http://localhost:4502 to start AEM.

6. The property values in the instsrv.bat file are used when creating the Windows service. If you edit the property values in instsrv.bat, you must uninstall and then reinstall the service.

7. When installing AEM as service, you must provide the absolute path for the logs directory in com.adobe.xmp.worker.files.ncomm.XMPFilesNComm from Configuration Manager.

8. To uninstall the service, either click Stop in the Services control panel or in the command line, navigate to the folder and type

        instsrv.bat -uninstall cq5.


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