Installing Vault for AEM Development

This Blog will talk about the setting up of vlt tool.

Installing the vlt tool

  • Copy the FileVault archive file from the cq-quickstart/opt/filevault directory of your installation.

  • You can also download the latest version of FileVault from Package Share.

  • Extract the archive and add <archive-dir>/vault-cli-<version>/bin to your environment PATH so that the command files vlt or vlt.bat are accessed as appropriate.

  • For example, <aem-installation-dir>/crx-quickstart/opt/helpers/vault-cli-3.1.16/bin>

  • Open a command line shell and execute vlt --help.


vlt [options] <command> [arg1 [arg2 [arg3] ..]]

Global options:

-Xjcrlog <arg> Extended JcrLog options (omit argument for help) -Xdavex <arg> Extended JCR remoting options (omit argument for help) --credentials <arg> The default credentials to use --update-credentials if present the credentials-to-host list is updated in the ~/.vault/auth.xml --config <arg> The JcrFs config to use -v (--verbose) verbose output -q (--quiet) print as little as possible --version print the version information and exit --log-level <level> the log4j log level -h (--help) <command> print this help

Synchronizing with the repository

You need to synchronize filevault with the repository. To do this:

In the command line, navigate to content/jcr_root.

Check out the repository by typing the following:

vlt --credentials admin:admin co --force http://localhost:4502/crx

The password will be stored in your home directory inside .vault/auth.xml. So next time it won’t require to authenticate again.

Test sync

To test the synchronization:

  • Navigate to .../jcr_content/libs/foundation/components/text.

  • Edit something in text.jsp.

  • See the modified files by typing vlt st

  • See the changes by typing vlt diff text.jsp

  • Commit the changes: vlt ci text.jsp.

  • Reload a page containing a text component and see whether your changes are there.

  • For getting help for particular command in vlt.

vlt --help export( command name )

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