Using Vault tool

This blog will talk about how we can use Vault commands in AEM

Initially set up the repository:

$ cd /projects

$ svn mkdir

$ svn co

$ vlt export -v http://localhost:4502/crx /apps/geometrixx geometrixx

$ cd geometrixx/

$ svn add META-INF/ jcr_root/

$ svn ci

Change the remote copy and update JCR:

$ cd /projects/geometrixx

$ vlt -v import http://localhost:4502/crx . /

Change the remote copy and update the file server

$ cd /projects/geometrixx

$ vlt export -v http://localhost:4502/crx /apps/geometrixx .

$ svn st

M META-INF/vault/properties.xml

M jcr_root/apps/geometrixx/components/contentpage/.content.xml

$ svn ci

The following example installs the sync service to the CRX instance accessible by the given uri.

$ vlt --credentials admin:admin sync --uri http://localhost:4502/crx install

Displaying the service status

The status command can be used to display information about the running sync service.

$ vlt sync status --uri http://localhost:4502/crx

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